The Day of Dawning

Whew.  What a long week. 

I took the fancy-shamcy Suburban Express bus to Oakbrook with Andy thursday night.  I skipped out on class friday, and thanks be to God by TA was totally cool about letting me make up  the quiz I was missing because of Good Friday.  Along with just wanting to have extra time at home, I really did want to be in Minookie for the friday service–its my favorite of the whole year.  It touches me like none-other and makes me remember why I've dedicated my life to Christ's teachings. 

Hung out with Ryan Evans that night and watched drum corps lot tapes. 

Worked on the yard all of saturday morning.  It was nice to finally get that done.  I'm looking forward to keeping it up throughout the summer.  I guess I like plants…what can I say.  Took me 18 years to figure it out.  

Sam and I went to an Eight Hour Company show that night back at the 'ol high school.  That was a weird feeling.  Chris and Dayna came too cause one of Chris's groomsmen is the drummer for another one of the bands playing.  Man, it was so weird having my brother there, but I loved it.  It was great to see Sam again and for like the first time since I met her, her hair is actually longer than mine.  But it was so beautiful.  It was so nice to get updated in person (not on LJ) with her.  Talked about the old days and the new ones.  I feel so old now that I'm in college.  I guess you don't realize how much you change until you go back to how it was.  We both were a little freaked out by the high school and the surrounding people.  Kevin was awesome, and the whole band was just as hot as ever.  The new song was good and I was totally grooving–like usual.  Somes I swear that I'm just gonna flip out–I need to go out dancing or something so badly.  Its hard to contain myself when I dance.

After party was awesome.  Keith asked me to go cause its his birthday tomorrow and Kevin asked me to go cause he thinks I'm the coolest person alive.  I enjoyed it.  Learned a few new things.  I'm just absorbing it all now–in a few years I'll be able to put it into context.  Spent most of the evening talking to Meg.  I was super suprised to find out that Bob knows of my existance as well as my first and last name (even when he's drunk).  I guess I don't blend into the walls as much as I think I do.  It was good times, but I got out of there before things got too crazy.

Easter was wonderful.  Mass.  Food.  Family.  Man I've missed them.  I treasure sitting around with the Deutsch women making sarcastic comments.  It makes me sad that I'm no longer able to go to Monday Lunch or all the little holidays that bring us together for no reason other than eachother's company. 

Hey–Christ not only died for you, but rose again.  Talk about eternal life.  Can you dig it?


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