Chapter 2, Oh What a Night

So there I was….

Saturday night. After dark—getting a little late for me. Ashley was talking to me online and out of nowhere says, “We should go see Liz in Chicago tonight.” Of course, knowing me, she knew she was just saying it and nothing would come of the suggestion. I checked the time…8pm. I checked the homework situation…reasonable. “Ok,” I said. About an hour later she was at my house. “YAY! I’m being spontaneous!”

We stopped by Garner to say hello to Michael at work and get him a hamburger from latenight. This was a good reminder to Ashley on why she doesn’t go to college—to many girls running around in sandals and pants that are just too low. Plus, intense stupidity that emanated from all of them was also a big turn-off. We left Michael with tears in our eyes because he had to work and couldn’t join us (ok, so we didn’t really cry).

On the way, we stopped at Ashley’s apartment just north of Kankakee. Nice place, I was happy to finally be able to see it. She packed her bag and I loaded up on bananas and pretzels. The drive gave us a great time to catch up on eachother’s live and discuss Ashley’s new play’a lifestyle. “Kate, they LOVE me. I just don’t get it. I think it’s the attitude.”

And so we drove. Got to the city limit around midnight. “Its such and easy drive,” Ashley kept assuring me. “Lake Shore Drive is amazing at night.” (yeah, good ‘ol LSD…) After sitting in traffic caused by the numerous stoplights and lane closures in front of the Field Museum, we finally seemed to be getting somewhere. Oh, nevermind. I get it, LSD is closed. WHAT?!?! You expect me to actually drive IN the city?!?! Yes Ashley. No help to the lack of “detour” signs, we made it through the city using Michigan Ave. Of course, we encountered numerous angry taxis, Mr. Flashy, and that crazy guy who tried to turn through an area covered in cones along the way. Speaking of Mr. Flashy, if you see a big van with purple break lights, don’t follow it. He’s a moron. After getting back on LSD we discovered why it had closed…the ways on the lack were like 15 feet high, no exaggeration. Creeped me out a lot…fascinated Ashley.

Made it to Evanston. Got to see one of the Village People along the way…it was the cop…only he was wearing all leather. Hmm….

Parked in the alley behind the coffee shop. Time: 1:35am.

We spot Liz working behind bar. Whew…she’s here. That could have been bad. We take a table and are promptly served by a guy who I knew from a previous visit. He was on good terms then, but bad ones now. Oh well, his loss. He informed us that because of Daylight savings, they’d be closing in 20 mins. Perfect! Now we don’t have to wait around as long. Liz didn’t notice us at all for about 10 mins. We were both so excited we almost flipped out and kicked someone’s mom in the face. Seriously though, can you imagine?—you’re working. It’s a regular night; you can’t wait to get out of this place. Suddenly, the server gives you a note that says, “Someone’s watching you.” (talk about creepy) and you look up to find your 2 best friends who have driven hours to see for no reason?!?! WHOA! It was SOO cool. She freaked. It was great.

We sat around and waited for them to close up. Ashley asked me a lot of questions on Catholicism, which was good. Sometimes its so great to be able to share my views and new found passion and not be judged.

Ashley, Liz, Vanessa, the large box of shoes and I piled into the car and headed over to Granville to drop off fellow barista, Vanessa and scrub the coffee grinds off Liz. Got to Liz’s apartment and realized that Ashley’s purse didn’t drive with us. She’d left it on top of the car back at the coffee shop. (insert expletives here). We drove back to Kaffein in hopes that it was still in the alley. Of course it wasn’t. (stay cool…stay cool….) While the girls crossed their fingers, I sought out St. Anthony. We drove around the block and were just about to go back to the shop when I spotted something at the next stoplight. It was the purse! Totally unharmed, nothing missing. Perfect. Thank you St. Anthony!

Drove back to Liz’s—again in search of something to do….


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