3.) Zodiac: Pisces
4.) Nationality: German, I dunno
5.) What time is it: 9:01 pm

6.) Are you sensitive: I try not to be, but the truth always comes out

7.) Called you: Keith
9.) Saw you cry: Sr. Lella
14.) You went to the mall with: I have NO idea. Christmas?

15.) Yelled at you: Miller
16.) Sent you an email: someone I work with looking for a sub

————HAVE YOU EVER————–
17.) Taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache: does whip cream count?
19.) Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat, etc: a fight? I don’t think Buddy is capable of fighting back

21.) Been to Florida: Yes
22.) California: No
23.) Hawaii: No
24.) Mexico: No
26.) Canada: Yes

27.) Danced naked: probably

28.) Had a dream about something really real, then the next day it happened: yes

29.) Stalked someone: when am I not? It gives me something to do.
31.) Wished you were the opposite sex: yes. Sometimes I’m surprised I’m not.

32.) What time is it now: 9.05

34.) Apples or bananas: Apples, but more recently, bananas!!
35.) Blue or red: Blue (stars)
37.) Wal*mart or Target: without question, Target. Who could go for weeks without having to rewear Target apparel? That’s right, its me.

38.) Spring or Fall: Spring!
40.) What are you going to do after this: my checkbook

41.) What was the last meal you ate: dinner in Newman caf
42.) High school or college: I like both, but right now I’m missing high school. Senior prom…where’d you go? The King and I…good riddens.

43.) Are you bored: hardly ever
44.) How many of your buddies are on-line: 30
45.) Last movie you saw: 50 First Dates

48.) Laughs the weirdest: Jeremy or Katie
49) Going to have the most kids: Elizabeth
50.) Who have you known the longest: Ashley I guess. Or Gina…but I haven’t talked to her in forever.

52.) Is the quietest: not Carla
54.) Who is the funniest: Kevin
56.) Biggest player: Ashley, lol!

57.) Who do you usually go to about all of your problems: my mom, or Elizabeth (via actual letters, with stamps!!)
58.)Things you like in a Guy/Girl: loves God more than himself, loves his mom, opens the door for me, the way he looks in jeans

60.) Do you have a crush on someone: does unconditional love count? If so, then yes.

61.) Do they know: Probably
62.) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no. and that’s a-o-k!

63.) Do dreams tell the future: every once in a while

64.) Has a dream ever foretold your future: yes! J
65.) Nicknames: Kate. That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. 4 year of HS drumline, and a summer of corps and they still call me Kate.

66.) Hair Color: brown
68.) Pets: at home.

69.) Siblings: mon frere, Chris

70.) Been so drunk you don't remember what you did: yes! I mean, no. For serious.

Where are the missing numbers? Check up in ya. (thanks Jake)

78.) Had a crush on a teacher: ‘lil bit

79.) Ever thought an animated character was cute: I think so, but I don’t remember who anymore

80.) Ever at anytime owned New Kids on the Block stuff: no. I wasn’t hip enough for that

81.) Planned your week based on the TV Guide: psst. No.

82.) Prank called someone: yes. Lol, Sam.

84.) Soap: Dial, the aloe kind

85.) Colors: Blue, no doubt
86.) Day or Night: day
87.) Summer/Winter: Summer
88.) Lace or satin: satin, it’s a lot less ichy
89.) Cartoon Character: Meatwad

————-IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS ————-
90.) Cried: yes
91.) Cut your hair: no

92.) Worn a skirt: No

94.) Been sarcastic: Yes. Am I ever not?
95.) Talked to someone you have a crush on: sure
96.) Hugged someone: Yes
97.) Fought with your parents: No
98.) Wished on a star: I am! I’m a Blue Star!
99.) Laughed until you cried: No
100.) Played Truth or Dare: No (what am I, 5? Erin, don’t answer that one)
101.) Watched a sunrise/sunset: No
102.) Had Sex: No
103.) Spent quality time alone: Yes. Right now.

105.) Are you lonely: Meh, sometimes
106.) Are you happy: Generally (although sunshine sure does help)
107.) Are you talking to someone online: nope.
108.) Superstitions: The Holy Spirit follows me everywhere!
110.) Who named you: Parents
112.) What color pants do you have on right now: blue

113.) What song are you listening to right now: the gossip of the 3rd floor, no music
115.) Sleep with a stuffed animal: No
116.) What is the stupidest thing you have ever done: I’d rather not think about it
119.) Favorite drink: hot fudge malt
120.) Do you like scary or happy movies better: Happy, I don’t do scary
121.) On the phone or in person: In Person
122.) Lust or Love: Love

126) What is right next to you: desk 2 of 3, but its covered in chem….beh.
127.) What is your computer desk made of: wood.
130.) How's the weather right now: 41, not warm enough
131.) What did you do last night: what didn’t I do…ok, ok, I watch a lot of Family Guy and stayed up too late
132.) How are you today: I’m out of bed. I went about my daily activities, and I’m still alive. I’m wonderful, thank you.
135.) What makes you mad: when he never calls, but I’ve learned to accept it as a way of life
136.)What do you want to be when you grow up: be a librarian
138.) My favorite music: BareNaked Ladies (we’re so tight!)
139.) Favorite Food: cheese ravoili
141.) Do u like to dance: I LOVE to dance.
142.) Fast or slow: whatever the music is
143.) Would you ask a someone out: had you asked me last year, yes. This year, no.
144.) Favorite clothes store/brand: Target. But also Unique Thrift Store

145.) Do you believe in God: Without a doubt. (mad props!)
146.) What time is it: 9.33


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