Even Cavaliers have to take the bus.

Well, I'm back to school. This week went pretty fast…they always seem to when I don't sleep here on Sunday night. Biggest event of the week–chem test. I passed. Whew. It was such a struggle to study for it. I just don't care anymore. I studied, about an hour or 2 a day for the 4 days before the test. Does class review count as studying? I say it does. Still, I did study outside of class. I got a C, which is enough for me. Sure, I could have done better, but again, I just don't even care. The only thing I really care about is how it'll effect (affect?) my GPA.

Monday, after a long day of driving, classes, and LAB (ugh) I studied and worked on a project and then went out for some SnS. Cory might tell you that there was just something about that night that wasn't quality. Maybe it was the waitress, the smoking section, the chocolate chips, or the wafer–whatever it was, it just wasn't right. Turned out ok for me though, i just enjoyed my water. On a random side note, I think I'm turning even more european–I have come to the conclusion that I like room temperature water better than cold water (with the exception of tour. Yay Kwik Trip!)

Tuesday…hmmm…I dont' even remember really. I remember going to mass, but the rest is a blur.

Wednesday was the normal stuff, minus BW3 and plus a chem exam. Afterwards I went to Cory's to watch the Simpsons and about 7 episodes of Family Guy. Just what I needed. Of course, I was still wide awake around midnight and didn't actually get to sleep until 3am or so. I'm not so tired today, but I'm sure it'll hit me tomorrow.

Luckily, its all downhill from here. Lots of work to do this weekend, but not much scheduled, so I'm looking forward to a low key few days. Can you believe next week is Holy Week? I'm so excited. I'm really looking forward to all the events here, and perhaps some at home too. Yay! i get to see my extended family next weekend. Well, except for Bridget. *sigh* I miss her dearly.

Its a weird feeling being sun-burned when you haven't been outside much.

Dinner time. Here I come Newman Caf!


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