Oh my goodness–I had such an amazing week. I wish I could tell you all about it, but words doesn't even do it justice. The people I met, the stories I listened to, the Holy Spirit…oh man. I experienced so much that I am practically numb, I cannot even begin to tell you my emotions. Ask me about it sometime and I'll see if I can explain.


I would tell you more, but I am still so exhausted. I got more sleep this past week then I have in a long time…a full 8 hours every night (in one of the most comfortable beds known to man) and then a daily nap (something I never do at school), but I'm still exhausted.

I slept in the choir loft a few times during adoration, quite a peaceful sleep might I add. I mean, seriously, how often do you get to sleep in Jesus's presence? My favorite random thing from the week was when Sr. Lella said to me, “Will you stop sleeping with Jesus, he's my husband!” lol. Not really what you'd expect to hear from a nun, but then again, you can't really expect anything from the Italian Sisters.

I'm off to visit the sandman. Bail.


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