dryer sheets and pink shampoo

Today is over, but I'm still awake. Its been an odd week in the fact that I haven't going to bed at my usual time, I've had a lot on my mind I guess. I had an excuse tonight though, I worked at the front desk of my dorm 9-1am. Gave me a chance to do some stats and write a letter to Elizabeth. Its dead around here. Everyone has left. My floor is completely empty–which has its good and bad points. There isn't nearly as much drama to keep me entertained, but I do get to turn up my music as loud as I want.

Hey God, thanks for that blue sky today. I think we all needed it.
And as the front of the 22 Illini put it, “smile its sunny”

Although I'm really excited not to have school for a week, coming into spring break has been rather anti-climatic. While other people are telling me about their plans in the sun, with their friends, or simply going home to sleep for a while, I'm thinking, “Well, I'm going to Kansas with people I hardly do to do only Lord knows what.” I know I'm going to have a great time when all is said and done, I'm just not geared up and ready to go. Sometimes God calls us to things and we don't know why–we just have to go.

Overall I had a good day. I was a librarian, then a chemist, then a librarian again and was finally released at 1. I ate lunch with…dang…I don't even remember. I had mac and cheese, I do remember that much. Sorry whoever you are. I went to Expresso to wait for Ashlee to wake up and remember that we had a date. She was sorry she had forgotten, and all was made well over some much-needed conversation between the two of us. I miss that girl, I feel like we're in two different worlds anymore. Came back here and did homework as I listened to the floor get quieter and quieter and watched more and more people log off AIM. Erin came over here for dinner. I had mac and cheese again. It was the left overs from lunch. Most people would mind, but after eating tour food it doesn't matter so much to me. We sat around for about and hour and a half catching up on stuff that we don't get to talk about in Chem. (and why not?)

Making time for things has always been a constant struggle with me. I'm working really hard at accepting that life is ok even if I still have homework sitting all over my desk. Sometimes our friends need us more than we need to finish chem. I often forget to have fun if I don't make time for it.

Spring break. Ready…GO! (Tasia, is that you?)


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