Happy Leap Year!

Its been an interesting weekend. Chris arrived at U of I around 4 on Friday, and Dayna, who had been there all day doing interviews with perspective employees, got to my dorm about the same time. I treated them to a Papa Del's deep dish and it was mighty tasty. Mmmmboy. It was really nice to spend time with the two of them and talk about random stuff. Now that I think of it, I hadn't seen either of them since I left for the start of the second semester, over a month and a half ago. We drove back home, and pretty much went to bed right away.

Saturday morning was spent helping my friend Mitch with research for A Brave New World. He's got a rough draft due this week and and no idea where to begin. Literature… research… literary analysis…. sounds like fun to me. No, seriously. Made me wish I was still in high school. I loved writing that kinna stuff, and more so, I love helping people find it. Maybe I should be a librarian…. We even ended up at the Joliet Library because the Channahon one didn't have the books I liked. I hope I helped him at least a little bit. Nevertheless, i was able to get some chem done while I was there.

That night I went to see Kevin's show. I've been missing him a lot lately and really wanted to be there to see him play. I don't get this kind of opportunity very often. I love watching him anyway, he always amazes me when he sings and I can tell how happy it makes him. Have you ever heard of Eight Hour Company? Kevin would tell you “Its one hell of a band.” http://www.eighthourcompany.com I was also able to meet his new girl, Wendy. I didn't get to talk to her much, but I know that any girl that Kevin likes must be worth something. It made me so happy to see him happy again. I look forward to hanging out with her more in the future. Also, Keith was there and his band, Article 57, which played later in the eveing. We'd gotten ahold of eachother a few weeks ago. We hadn't talked since graduation. But seeing him again made me feel like no time had passed at all. He's always been such a good friend and has looked out for me so much, it is nice to have that back again. He's also doing really well in life, and his happiness radiates from him. And by the way, if I knew anything about playing bass (guitar) I would tell you that he is AMAZING! But honestly, I don't know a thing, but everyone else thinks he's incredible, so I'm just going to pass the word on to you.

Ryan called me on the way home. Good to hear from him again. And good news, he was accepted into the music program at Western Kentucky (I think thats the right school).

Went to to mass this morning, did some homework, went for a walk, took a nap. This evening mom and dad treated the three of us (yep, all the Johnson kids, Chris, Dayna, and Kate) to dinner and a movie. Litereally. We went to this place that serves you dinner as you watch a movie. Definatly an experience. We watched “50 First Dates”–which if you say it fast enough, sounds like you're saying 51st States. Be forewarned, this is not a documentory on the the state of the union or anything. Actually, I thought it was really good. It was good to see the HappyMadison gang back together again. It was a really funny story that had a lot of vulgar parts, but a lot of cute parts too. I enjoyed it. Maybe its just the mood I'm in this weekend, but it made me remember how amazing being in love is. Sometimes I get too caught up in being single (which is fine by me, for the time being) and forget those feelings and experinces I once had and hope to have agian someday.

Its my last night home. Class at 11am tomorrow. I'm going to go watch Law and Order with my mom and nod off. A quick request, could you say a prayer or ten for the soilders in Haiti and all the people there. Especially for Kevin.

Safe travels, all. Godspeed.


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