A Night Owl.

So, I went to base tonight. Andy had me meet him at the corner of Wright and Green at nine. I was a little mad that I had to walk there by myself and then stand in the cold waiting for him, but oh well. I'm over it. Eventually, along came Andy, Rob, Cory, and these 2 Cavaliers that I ended up spending most of my night talking to. Entering the apartment, I really didn't know what to expect. Of course, Andy, who practically lives there, flung the door wide open to announce his enterance to the vast amount of 4 people already there. I put my coat down and was about to make myself comfortable when I realized that one of the 4 people already there was Erin–my-best-friend-from-Jr. High-who-practically-moved-to-the-very-same-town-I-had-just-moved-from-and-now-we've-found-eachother-in-college-and-are-lab-partners-friend. Whoa. I had no idea why she was there and she had no idea that I was going to be there. We were both a little freaked. Apparently, some of her friends from Morton Drumline live at base and she was there visiting. So weird. I still can't believe that of all people in the world she was there. Honestly, I can't think of a better friend to have had there with me. It was an uncomfortable situation at first, cause I'm not used to parties, but having someone to talk to made it so much easier.

Over all, I had a really good night. It felt so good to be out of my room doing something on a weekend. Hanging out and meeting new people, and watching everyone around me get drunker and drunker. Now that was interesting, and rather amusing. But don't worry guys, I was safe. The people there were really cool and only a few people noticed that I didn't have a drink in my hand. (And Andy made it very clear that if he found out I'd been drinking that there would be consiquences–even though he was really drunk when he said it it made me feel good to have someone watching out for me). I talked to these 2 guys with gears around their necks for quite some time. They were really interesting and it felt good to have someone to talk about corps with. They were even interested in my experiences. I met so many new people today, and it was really great having had met some of the guys previously so I had someone else to talk to. Honestly, it wasn't uncomfortable at all, I had a really good time. Eventually, some of the guys got hungry and I went to La Bamba with them for some nachos. On the way back some random girls wanted to have their picture with us. I dunno… Around 1:30 I was walked home, but oddly enough, I wasn't feeling so tired that I had to leave. I couldn't believe that I was still awake at that time. lol. And here I am, still awake! Dang. I'm a total night owl.

Sleep is calling. I'm gonna answer this one.


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