What a day. And its not over yet.

I had Illini Drumline auditions from 9-5 today. Can I say one thing? Thank you Blue Stars. Let me tell you a story….once upon a time I was in high school. *gasp* (Wait, thats not the exciting part yet). I would come to Festival and think that the Illini Drumline was the coolest bunch of guys (and onetime there was a girl) I'd ever seen. I idolized them. They played the hardest music but made it look like nothing at all. Rumor has it that all of them marched Cavaliers. Wow!!! (excuse me while I laugh). Now here's the good part–I went there, and after listening to the others play 8s, I was no longer nervous. I knew what to play, and how to play it. Yeah, i sucked it up everyonce and a while (I always do), but I totally fit in and was actually better than some of the other auditioniees. Whoa. Me…better then someone else? Yeah. I know, its crazy. I came to the realization that these people I once idolized aren't that much better than me. (Ok, I've still got a lot to learn, but it'll come).

I've still got numerous camps and many months of prep before I know anything definate, but taken or cut, I'll at least walk away with the knowledge that I'm not as horrible as I thought. (And I was worried about my eights being dirty….phhht.) After months of Blue Stars, and then months of rest, I realized that I learned a lot back in the summer of '03. Sometimes it just takes something like this to make you figure it out. So thanks Scott. Thanks Ben. Thanks Badger, Powder, and Cory. And thank you Miller. Thanks for kicking my butt.

Tonight all of the drumline and auditionees are invited to the apartment on Green St.. Thats right, I'm actually leaving my room on a Saturday night. Waiting for Andy to call me first though…..

Other than today, life hasn't been all that exciting. I've been running around trying to get ahead on my homework the past few days in preperation for this weekend. I've even been studying a bit tonight, I'm just that dorky. But with good reason, I have 3 tests next week. Two on Tuesday, so its not like I'll be doing nothing before then.

I'm excited to see my Dad tomorrow. I miss him like crazy. It'll be nice to spend the evening with my family. Speaking of family, did I tell you what a dude my brother is? http://www.augustana.edu. Check him out. (no, not like that. he's taken anyhow).



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