Well, I'm back. Whew. The worst part of my week is over. I had my chem test this evening that I'd been dreading. Suprisingly, I didn't fail. (I'm NEVER been one to say that I'm gonna fail a test, but I couldn't help but think anything but that on this one). And actually, with the curve, I might just get a low B. During the test, I could really feel God's grace working on me–I remained calm and had a clear thought process (my biggest faults during chem). Ok. Thats over with. I know I can make it through the next few chapters so I'm going to forget that I was ever considering dropping. I can do this!

I feel like I have my life back again now that the test is over (although, next week I have 3 tests, so I guess I shouldn't talk quite yet). I was able to drum on a actual bass for the first time yesterday. I haven't done that in months. It felt good. Although, its much easier for me to hear my mistakes. I'd forgotten how different it is to go from using the pad for so long to the drum. (by back had forgotten too ) It was a much easier transition when I was still in high school 'cause at least I still played on a bass during the drumline class period–here I don't have that luxary. I also went for a run yestrday. The weather was finally warm enough that it wouldn't kill me. I listened the music the whole time and although I don't run far, and I don't run fast, I run, and I love it. It makes me feel alive in this mundane life I lead.

Sang at church last night, the usual Tuesday night routine. Came back and slept in anticipitation for today. After today's test I went to the band building once again. Working on my chops…which suck… Luckily I'm there when no one is around, which saves me much embarrassment. Illini Drumline tryouts on Saturday, we'll see how that goes. I'm not nervous yet. Not so much about the audition at least, more about having marched corps, but still not being very good in comparison to others. More than anything though, I'm feeling neutral. Of course I'd like to make it–but I know that God has other plans for me if I don't. (hmmm….sounds like a fimular story).

Along with that its going to be a busy weekend. (Am I ever not busy?) Sunday morning mom is picking me up so I can go to a friend's Eagle Ceremony. I'm so proud. I know it seems pointless to go home for 24 hours, but I really want to be there for him, whether he wants me there or not. This is a big event.

My heart goes out to Ryan–good luck with your audition this weekend. Wish me luck (or at least pray) for mine.

Enjoy this weather. Its good stuff.


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