Top That

Yep, I've become just like everybody else. Here is my online journal.

There are so many things I could say. Do you ever have one of those days where you have a really intense inner monolouge? I see things and over anaylze them; its like I'm writing a letter in my head. I'm not sure who its addressed to though.

I've always been so nervous to start typing a journal online. I worry so much that people will think I'm a dork. Well, the truth is out. I am a nerd. I am a huge dork and I like being that way. No use changing, especailly just because I am trying to impress someone–whoever you are that just happened to stumble upon this page.

I've been missing my Blue Stars family a lot this week. I've written about 3 emails to Ryan, and suprisingly, he's had the time to respond. I guess its also suprising that I've had time to wrote 3 emails–which, when they are to him, are often rather extensive. Also, Elizabeth came to visit me from Chicago this weekend. Although she has nothing to do with drum corps, because she was here I allowed her to barrow my normal shower sandels (or click-clacks, as she would say–a college must) and I wore my tour sandels. Perhaps this is going to sound weird to you who have never marched, but putting them on brought back so many memories. I wore only 3 pairs of shoes on tour–rehearsal shoes, performance shoes, and these sandels. They are so conformed to my feet its crazy. All the letters I wrote, the bus rides, and the shower conversations I'd had with them on my feet. Sometimes I forget how much I've missed it. Not marching this year brings mixed feelings. Its like breaking up with someone you loved intensely, but also drove you so crazy you often got sick thinking about them. I want to check up on the corps to see how their doing, but at the same time it makes me so sad not to be with them. *sigh* And of course, I miss Jake. No one else makes me laugh and cry like he does. But also Ponch, Minion Boy, Kirby, Ryan, Megan, Anthony, John, and Scott Hirsch. (forgive me if I've spelled that wrong). And sometimes, just sometimes, I miss Tasia's horrible driving and Allison's ruthless flirting.

Its going to be a busy week. I have a chem test on wednesday. No BW3 this week…. . And there is much studying to be done beforehand. I'm so sick of studying this stuff. This is the 3rd time I've taken a course on this information and I feel like I'm getting worse every single time. Its like my bowling games. I took a practice test today and when I was checking it I felt like I was in AP English all over again. Remember when we had to take practice AP tests and it was so rarely that anyone got one right and you were so excted when you did? That was me checking this chem test. I got a 41%. Ouch. Thank God for LAS and not having to take anymore semesters of this crap. Screw you Crop Sciences.

Well, I suppose thats enough for now. More than enough actually.


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